Ramadan fuck blasphemy cahiers archeologiques online dating

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Ramadan fuck blasphemy

I over prepare like this when I go hiking or camping or to the 7-11. And what’s more, I recognize that most of it is useless.

Of the 12 questions I had prepared answers for, they only asked one of them and I didn’t give them the answer I’d prepared.

A couple months went by and last week Cecil emailed me again to set up a date we could get together for a Skype interview. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of all the things I did to prep for guesting on their show: This is, of course, in addition to running the interview through in my head two or three times a day for the six days leading up to it. As flattered as I was by the invite, this wasn’t an atypical prep-schedule for me.

I did as much prep work when I appeared on Thank God I’m Atheist and Post Rapture Looting.

(Warning: The following post has nothing to do with anything.

It’s sort of a rambling bit of personal reflection loosely disguised as news about the show. Now, I know that sounds like a blatant ego stroke so I feel like I need to qualify it a bit. Shortly after we started the podcast I got an unexpected and very welcome compliment from the host of a podcast I really enjoy.

Symbolic actions are great unless they’re coming from somebody who has the authority to make real change.

I over prepare like this when we record each episode.

I over prepare like this when I conduct an interview for the show.

”, we turn to Louisiana where Democratic state senator Mary Landrieu has introduced a piece of legislation called the “Freedom to Pray” bill, which would, in her words, “protect American’s right to pray.” And as we long ago learned, making legal shit legal is a favored strategy for sneaking bullshit religious laws through the legislature and this one is no different.

If you dig even a little, you’ll find that the intent of the bill is clearly to allow state and federal funds to go to programs that are explicitly religious in nature. Anyway, this all comes as a response to a recent hullabaloo about a quasi-military religious indoctrination camp being run by a Louisiana Sheriff’s department.

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I believe his exact words were, “When you’ve got a few more episodes under your belt we’d love to have you on to talk about the show.” I’ve been a fan of his show for quite a while and I suppose it’s fair to say that he and his co-host Tom were a big part of the inspiration that got Heath and I started with this whole project.