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It basically involves updating Section 1 and Section 2 to update the automatic extension start and expiration dates. However, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, also known as the I. E., states that an employer is not required to keep a Form I-9 on file for an individual who doesn’t ever begin to work for pay, and therefore wouldn’t be forced to produce that I-9 if there were to be an inspection.

In particular, the M-274 states that, “Employers must retain a Form I-9 for each person hired. All newly-hired regular and temporary employees working for a university in the United States must complete the I-9 employment verification form if they are. uses to describe the online library of resources and tips available to help properly complete the new Form I-9.

citizen’s status, except when they terminate and are rehired (see below).

So if a current employee’s passport expires, you do not have to reverify that employee’s Form I-9 either.

Some employers who are familiar with Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, will already be familiar with the procedure. seem to be saying that employers need to keep their employees’ I-9 forms, whether or not they start to work or ever receive a paycheck.§§274a.2(b)(1)(vii) and 274a.2(c) that explain the Form I-9 requirements, you must reverify work eligibility in two circumstances: (1) if an individual’s employment authority expires; or (2) if an individual who was previously employed by the organization is rehired.E-Verify is an internet-based system that compares information from Form I-9 to government records to confirm that an employee is authorized to work in the U.After that, they have 90 days to produce the validated forms. The M-274 is not only the official document used to help with compliance regarding the new Form I-9, it is also often used by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, auditors who review completed I-9s for compliance.First required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act, or IRCA, of 1986, the I-9 Form verifies the eligibility of an employee to work legally in the U. Following are lists of documents that qualify a person to work in the U. The most significant change to the M-274 is a change in the process for documenting automatic extensions of Employment Authorization Documents, or EADs, to help foreign national employees who are employed in the United States.

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