Coke can dating

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Coke can dating

While Bennett and Percy emphasize the Western Australian's lack of cooperation, they neglect to tell the reader whether they verified the existence of those letters by other means.

Advance fee prize scams like this continue to be very common.The Aulis authors de-emphasize that Una thought the Coke bottle was integral to the scene, and predicate their hypothesis solely on the other part of her observation.But that's a significant departure, at least from the point of view of the authenticity of the footage.Recipients are urged to follow a link to claim their prize or contact a helpline email address.But, alas, the SMS is just another advance fee scam.

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In order for Bennett and Percy's conclusion below to make sense, it must have been a tape-delayed broadcast, so they just change Una Ronald's story to match the conclusion they want to draw. The authors suggest that the Coke bottle might have been added by an anonymous Australian whistle-blower between when the telecast was recorded in Sydney, and when it was rebroadcast from Perth.

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